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Alpha Centurion Athletics Club proudly hosts one major race every year – the very well-known and popular Wally Hayward Marathon.


ACAC is a relatively small club, so, we need everyone’s help when hosting this race, and therefore members will only be allowed to take part under exceptional circumstances. To compensate, we have a pre- or post-race run on the same route as the actual race. On completion of the pre- or post-race you will receive the same medal and t-shirt as race goers received on race day and be credited with an official race in ACAC colours, provided that you assisted on race day.


In addition, we co-host a number of other events in the year (such as the Chamberlains Capital Classic, which is co-hosted with Phobians). Your assistance at these co-hosted events may also be requested and you will not be allowed to partake in these races.


Income generated from hosting or co-hosting these events is vital to ensuring that club fees paid upfront by members are kept to the minimum. It is therefore in the interest of all members to ensure the success of these events. 


Click on the logo below to learn more about the Wally Hayward marathon.

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