Marina le Roux


My Running Career:

II’ve been running since 2016, completed my first Marathon in 2017 and finished my first Comrades in 2019.  My love for running and our club is growing every year!

My Running Goals for 2022:

I have 3 very specific goals for 2022:

· Break 4 hours on a marathon;

· Complete the Half Ironman in      June 2022 (hopefully under 7  hours);  and

· Finish my back-to-back Comrades.  (Fingers crossed Covid does not interfere again…)

Anything more than that is a blessing.  😊


Eugene Viviers

Vice Chairman

My Running Career:

I have participated in running for 30 years, completed 7 Comrades.

My Running Goals for 2021:

I plan to participate only in 21km races and complete them with ease in sub 2 hours.


Dewald Rossouw

My Running Career:

I started long distance road running in July 2016 and completed my first half marathon in September 2016 (SABS). Thereafter my first marathon in January 2017 (Ottosdal). First Ultra Marathon March 2017 (Om die Dam) and then my first Comrades June 2017.  To date I have completed 3 Comrades up till 2019.

2020 dealt us all a blow proving to have been an exceedingly difficult year for races, although we had some special moments with garden runs. 


My running goals for 2022: 

Not sure what 2022 has in store  for us but I’m ready for it! 

I will keep on loving this sport, motivating people to start, and making more friends.


Peet Mienie
Club Captain

My Running Career:

As an MTB’er, I supported my friend with his 2018 Comrades and the running bug bit.

I started training and completed my first Marathon in 2018, the Jacaranda Marathon. I went on to complete my first Ultra,  Two Oceans and then completed my first Comrades in 2019. Later that year I joined the Skillies.


My running goals for 2022: 

To complete my back to back Comrades.

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Annie Minnaar

My Running Career:

I started running officially in January 2021. It was tough at first, but with the help of my Skillies family I am loving it now and have three 21.2km's under my belt....

My Running Goals for 2022:

I would like to do five 21.1km's this year & try to run at least 30km's per week.


Kobus van Jaarsveld

My Running Career:

My running career was resurrected in May 2018 and ran my first 10k race (Run for Bibles) in June, I joined Alpha in July 2018 and shortly after ran my first 21km in club attire (Zwartkop Road Race) and the rest is history. 

My Running Goals for 2022:

 To achieve that elusive sub 4 hour marathon & complete my second Comrades marathon 


Elaine Schoeman


My Running Career:

I started running in 2014 with the intention to only run 5km (and to lose weight). With a very encouraging club manager and someone that believed in me I ran my first marathon in 2015 and never looked back. I've since done a few marathons and ultras but my first love and favourite is still the half marathon. I'm now addicted to running and the fellowship that comes with it. I also love trail running!


My Running Goals for 2022

I'm struggling with the longer distances (42,2km and 50km). It's a mind thing and I need to train my mind and get over my 'fear for open roads' (I made this up - I'm sure there's no such thing). I'm hoping to overcome this and sort of enjoy these distances too!

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Craig Mortassagne
Vice Captain

My Running Career:

My first road race was in 1989, the RAC Tough One and I have not stopped since then. Run close on 200 marathons and ultra’s including 19 Comrades Marathons.

My Running Goals for 2022

Completing my 20th Comrades Marathon


Lucille Grové
Vice Captain

My Running Career:

I started running during lockdown 2020 trying to shake of my cabin fever - only 5km, no routine, no plan, no goal. I joined the club in January 2021 and since then ran a few PB’s and my first marathon., 

My Running Goals for 2022:

My goal for 2022 is to run the Two Oceans ultra marathon, participate in cross country events, serve the club and fellow committee members.


Lizette Gordon


My Running Career:

I started running in 2004 and have completed 5 Comrade marathons to date, 

Joined the ACAC family in 2013

My Running Goals for 2021:

I want to keep on running to keep fit and enjoy the love of the sport.