The Management Committee is made up of the Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Club Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and a maximum of five additional members. They are elected by members at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held on the last Wednesday of October. The current committee members and their contact details are as follows:

Dwight Mulligan - Chairman

Family:  Married to Chantel Mulligan.

Interests: Running (the base of any sport - Keep the heart fit and the rest will be a breeze), Hiking, Mountain biking, Adventure

Life philosophy: You are usually more disappointed about the things you didn't do, than the things you did, so hold on and enjoy the ride. 

Say yes now and figure it out later.

Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere that is not man made. 

Favourite food: Pizza, Pasta, Pasta, Pasta and braai

Favourite movies: Into the wild, 127 hours

My running career: I started running about 10 years ago, mostly doing trail runs…. Worked myself up from 5km to doing multiple 21km. about 4 years ago, we decided that we wanted to do the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and so the training started, 30km 42km and back to back running. We finished the two oceans marathon and a couple of weeks after the race our neighbours handed us each a gift – two Comrades entries… we then decided to put our heads down and go for it…with the great training program ACRW has we managed to make it in before cut-off, the following year we went for our back to back medals seeing that you only get one shot at this. 

My running goals for 2020:

Doing the occasional 42km, 21km, speed work and perhaps trail stage race 😊 

Eugene Viviers - Vice Chairman

Family: Dad Flip, married to Willa and then there is Milo, the Dachshund. Milo
passed on. Now it is Karli the poodle.
Interests: Camping, running, braai and social.
Life philosophy: Life doesn’t meet you half way; you have to go all out. Respect
and be kind to people and animals. Make a positive contribution, what can I
contribute, not what can I get out of it.

Favourite holiday destination: Kruger National Park. And Pilansberg game reserve
Favourite food: Braaivleis
Favourite movie/book/TV Series: NatGeo Wild / Animal planet.
My running career: 6 Comrades
My running goals for 2019:

To NOT Run Comrades this year and to do more out of town races.

Linda Wood - Treasurer

Family: Married to Craig, my awesome husband who is the best partner I could ever have asked for. I feel privileged, that after 21 years of marriage, I don’t just share his surname, but continue to make endless shared memories with this man, as our love for running, cycling and triathlons take us to new places and countries each year  The rest of the ‘Wood Family’ members that bring us much joy and laughter, is Brinjal and Shadow - two crazy boxers and Squeekles, the not-so-sociable (so few know she exists) cat.

Interests: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Skiing, Triathlons, Camping, Reading, Entertaining, Cooking and Baking ... oh and Running

Life philosophy: Laugh lots and laugh often.   #Justdoit - never think or say “I  can’t”  -JUST DO IT 👍   Life is more than just about you - give back whenever and wherever you can. 

Favourite holiday destination: Every holiday I go on, becomes the new favourite destination.  Life is too short to visit the same destination over and over again. That said, for all the runners out there – Run Disney is a must do – we did the full package at the beginning of 2019 which involved 4 days of running – 5, 10, 21 and finally a marathon 42.2 kilometers of sheer joy and excitement – running through the parks with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is an experience I will never forget.

Favourite Food.  What could be better than a delicious burger, washed down with some healthy deep fried chips and a milkshake.  YUM

Favourite Movies. When a man loves a woman. Four weddings and a funeral.  Clearly I have not been to the movies for a while...

My running career: I started out doing some morning runs with a bunch of friends a few years ago. Slowly but surely a weekly 5km run, became a 10km run and then somehow the 2 Oceans 21kay snuck its way into my diary.  For a few years, the 21kays was far enough for me.  Then, 3 years ago, a friend said that he was looking at doing the New York Marathon as this was on his bucket list.  And so the bunch of friends all entered for our first marathon.  What an experience! And so the running bug bit. Since New York, I have done the Berlin , Chicago , Soweto, Kaapsehoop and Cape Town Marathon.  The long term goal is to do the 6 world majors.  I have also done Comrades twice and am considering number three in 2020. 

My running goals for 2020:  Comrades number three is a maybe.  London Marathon, along with Skukuza half marathon is a definite.  And if a run at the end of a triathlon counts, then I am hoping to beat my current marathon PB. Ironman 2018 saw me setting a new PB (guess I was so exhausted, that I ran faster to get the ‘stupid’ thing done with.  I shall work on a similar strategy for 2020 – just get to the finish line)

Dewald Rossouw - Club Captain

Family: Married to Angelique, have two beautiful daughters Anzé and Danike.  

Interests: Sport, fishing and braai. Love running especially when I started by Alpha - ACRW.

                  Teams I support Western Province, Manchester United and Ferrari. 

Life philosophy: If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. If you think about it Life and Sport is one thing, what you put in on the end you will be rewarded.

Favourite holiday destination: Western Cape

Favourite food: Braaivleis, Nachos and Oxtail potjie.

Favourite movies: Big Bang Theory, Avatar, Sniper, Any Given Sunday and Southpaw

Favourite music: Francois van Coke, Tasche Burger and just great music

My running career: I started with my long distance road running July 2016. Did my first half marathon September 2016 (SABS), first marathon January 2017 (Ottosdal), first Ultra Marathon March 2017 (Om die Dam) and First Comrades June 2017. Did Comrades number 3 in 2019 and will be training for a Silver in 2020. Every day I love this sport more and more.

My running goals for 2020: 

After my 2019 Bill Rowan at Comrades 2019, Craig Mortassagne (My running buddy) and myself will be training for Silver at 2020 Comrades. I will keep on loving this sport, motivating people to start and also making more friends

Marina le Roux - Secretary and Marketing

Family: Married to my best friend, love my 4 legged kids Schatz and Chloe and the winged one - Pollie.  

Interests: Health and fitness

Life philosophy: Have big dreams and grow into them.

Favourite holiday destination: Places where I can lose myself like the sea or the mountains.  

Favourite food: CARBS!  😊

Favourite movies: Equilibrium, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Shrek, Space Jam – too many to mention!

My running career: I started running in support of one of my personal training clients and fell in love with running.  I’ve been running since 2016 and completed my first Marathon in 2017.  Since then I have run multiple marathons and ultras.  And finished my first Comrades in 2019. 

My running goals for 2020:  To break the sub 2 half marathon and train hard for my Back to back Comrades Marathon!

Chantel Beling - Vice Captain

Family: Recently Married to my best friend and partner in crime Dwight Mulligan.  

Interests: Outdoors, Running, Adventure, Hiking, Cooking, Shopping. 

Life philosophy: If it scares you or challenges you, it will make you grow..

Favourite holiday destination: The mountains (Drakensberg)

Favourite food: Burgers, pizza, pasta and chocolates.

Favourite movies: Dirty Dancing

My running career: I started out doing a lot of adventure/obstacle and trail running and got introduced to road running about 4 years ago.  In 2017 I attempted my first 42km and injured myself, leaving me out of action for 7 months.  2018 I decided to go back to face my biggest monster once again.  I managed to finish 42 injury free and went on completing Two Oceans, Om die Dam and Comrades all in one year!  One thing running has taught me is to ALWAYS respect the road.

My running goals for 2020:  Taking my running training a little less serious and enjoying it a bit more. 

Craig Mortassagne - Vice-Captain & Additional

Family: Living with Marinda Kruger , I have two children, Cassidy and Jarryd.

Interests: Running and working. 

Life philosophy: Always have faith and believe in yourself.

Favourite holiday destination: KZN

Favourite food: Pasta, red meat and love sweet things.

Favourite movies: Lethal Weapon, Fast and Furious

My running career: My first road race was in 1989, the RAC Tough One and I have not stopped since then. Run close on 200 marathons and ultra’s including 19 Comrades Marathons.

My running goals for 2020

Completing my 20th Comrades Marathon

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Bert van den Raad - Club Manager

Family: In a relationship with Aretha Strydom, an awesome partner who shares my passion for travelling, hiking and the outdoors.  I have 2 daughters.
Interests: Running, including trail running, cycling (road as well as mountain
biking), hiking, camping, gardening and doing nothing at all!!!
Life philosophy: ”Doen wat jy geniet en geniet wat jy doen“
Favourite holiday destination: Visiting The National Parks in SA, Namibie and the West Coast.

Favourite food: Aretha’s oxtail or lamb neck potjie, pizza and of course “Klippies and Coke”.
Favourite movie/book/TV Series: Books witch are based on facts not fiction.  TV
programs about the cosmos, nature and sport.
My running/cycling career: I played golf until 1984/85, and start hitting the road in late 1984. Since then participated in the Comrades (15), Argus (15), Ironman (7) Midmar Mile (4) I have been very fortunate to have run just about all the ultra marathons in the country and ± 1200 road races and 300 on my bike
My partner Philp Boardman and I were the oldest team (140 years) to have completed the Wine
to Whales 3 day mtb stage race. The Sani 2 Sea,Trans Baviaans 230km one day stage race (16
hours in the saddle) To Hell & Back, 175km Kremetart, Sabie Experience are done & dusted.
For the past 3/4 years I have been involved in the organization of road races eg The
Wally Hayward Marathon, Deloitte Pretoria Marathon, PwC George Claassen and the Brooklyn
Road race

My running/cycling goals for 2019

Anne Morgan - Social

Family: Married to Trevor for the last 31 years, have twin sons, Seamus and
Cameron aged 24
Interests: Running, cooking, reading
Life philosophy: Life’s too short not to follow your dreams
Favourite holiday destination: Italy
Favourite food: Sushi, chocolate and just about everything else
Favourite movies: The Holiday, Notting Hill, Sweet home Alabama
My running career: Only run 10km and 21km races, have no desire to go any
further as those distances make me happy
My running goals for 2019

Zimbabwe Vic Falls 21 km run and more exciting races.

Lizette Gordon - Clothing and Additional

Family: Fur baby – Lulu, my long leg Jack Russel – best dog in the world ever.  I have a younger sister and a 4 year old nephew, Logan. They live in Pretoria Tuine.  And an older brother in Cape Town.  My parents and favorite aunt live in my hometown Potgietersrus.  

Interests: Outdoor and sport activities – running, cycling, fencing, walks with Lulu.  Criminology.

Life philosophy: I used to have a therapist, but my superpowers took him away.

Favourite holiday destination: Home with my Lulu and family.  

Favourite food: Enigiets wat ek kan vang - and braai

Favourite movies: How do they do that, crime documentaries, other documentaries and Spongebob.

My running career: I started running short distances in 2004. When I got chosen for the 2006 Fencing World Championships, I had to follow the national training programme, which included running, I only did 8km time trials and club runs, after that I kept on running and running longer distances – first 21km race was Loskop in 2007, first 32km Potties 5-in-1, my first marathon was the Wally, Loskop and Longtom was my first ultras, in 2009 I ran my first Comrades. Since then I finished 5x Comrades marathons, 3x Longtom ultras, 8x Loskop ultras and 6x Om die Dam ultras. I ran for Potties Athletics Club from 2004 – 2012, I joined Alpha Centurion in 2013 – marvellous club.

My running goals for 2019:  Get back to enjoy running. This year I’m going to run as much as possible, Hippo runs, time trials, club runs and 21km races, a few off road runs, cross country and maybe 1 or 2 marathons.  My longest race will be Loskop’s 50km.

Kelly Summerfield - BlitzFlitz Newsletter

Family: I have two crazy cute fur-babies - Sox (14 year old mixed breed) and the recently rescued Misty Moo (3 year old terrorist). They are my adventure buddies. My parentals live down in the Slowveld and my sis, and also best friend, is having a food party with her husband in Centurion somewhere. If you see her at a restaurant, tell her I'm looking for her. 

Interests: Camping, wildlife, hiking, trail running, eating

Life philosophy: When life gives you lemonade, make lemons.  Life will be all like, "What?!?!" - Phil Dunphy

Favourite holiday destination: Kruger National Park for the win.

Favourite food: Butterchicken Curry or Mexican. On most days, my staple is DroeWors and Red Bull. Adulting is tough. 

Favourite movies: Into the Woods, Sound of Music, Chicago. I love musicals because I have been blessed with the Moves like Jagger.

My running career: I started running in the backend of 2009. I completed my first Comrades in 2010 with my dad who ran his 10th in the same year. I went on to complete another four Comrades, my last one being in 2015. Then I got lazy and decided I am not a morning person. Since then I have kept moving, completing a few Marathons. More recently I have graduated, or de-graduated, to mostly Park Runs and 10km Trails. I started Trail Running about two years ago and have fallen in love with the beauty and quietness of off-road. I completed two Run-the Berg Challenge trails.

My running goals for 2020: Road running wise I want to complete Loskop Marathon as my big run for the year. Pray for me. Also, I am supposed to be running this with my sis, so if you see her at a restaurant, ask her how the training is going. For trail running I will definitely go back to Run-the Berg and hopefully tackle the Extreme!

Yvonne Mashishi - AGN Matters

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