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Louis Hattingh

My Running Career:

After supporting my wife for many years as she became part of the Comrades green number club, my own running career was born during lockdown in April 2020.
I joined the Skillies family officially in January 2021, and it led to my maiden Marathon. the Sani Stagger (of all races) tested me in Nov 2021 and in 2023 completed my back2back Comrades journey. 2 down - on my way to a green number. 

The Skillies family is an amazing place. Our club ethos and culture is built on inclusivity, mutual respect and friendship. 

From club runs to International races…once a Skillie, always a Skillie 🐢


Eugene Viviers

Vice Chairman

My Running Career:

I have participated in running for 30 years, completed 7 Comrades.


Jaco vd Merwe

My Running Career:

I have always enjoyed running and being active (MTB, Road cycling, short distance running). During December 2022 and early January 2023 two major events took place in my life 1. realized that I have gained a lot of weight and needed to do something about it and 2.

I had a major personal experience that forced me to relook my life. These two events led me to search for a higher meaning in life and I decided to search for a running club. Alpha Centurion came highly recommended and they did not disappoint, I joined the club in May 2023 (just after the Wally Hayward Marathon) and fell in love with the Skillie Experience. I made so many friends in the last 5 months and can only see things are going to get better. I am now preparing to do my 1st marathon and am looking forward of extending friendship to everyone on the road.


Charles Theron
Club Captain

My Running Career:

I started running (seriously) late in 2006 and completed my first Half-, Full-, Ultra- and Comrades Marathon in 2007. 

16 years of sporadic on-and-off running and minor events followed, until my wife decided that we should run Comrades in 2023. We joined Alpha Centurion in January, and embarked on a remarkable year filled with running, camaraderie, laughter, running, lack of sleep, lack of money (due to the cost of running gear!), running, friendship, learning, support, and running!

My goal for the coming year is to run well in the Two Oceans and Comrades Marathons, and, perhaps, get a chance to participate in the Meiringspoort 21km and Sani Stagger marathon.

Nolene 3.jpeg

Nolene Botes

My Running Career:

I started running when I joined the ACAC Couch to 5km training programme in February 2022.  It significantly changed my life!
I completed my first 10km race in May, but the highlight was running the 10km Spirit of Flight in September, for the first time in club colours! The Skillies are a very special group of people!🐢

I volunteered to coach, support and encourage the next "couchie" group in September and paying forward the amazing blessing I received!


Kobus van Jaarsveld

My Running Career:

My running career was resurrected in May 2018 and ran my first 10k race (Run for Bibles) in June, I joined Alpha in July 2018 and shortly after ran my first 21km in club attire (Zwartkop Road Race) and the rest is history.  I completed my back-to-back Comrades in 2022.


Sharlene Theron

My Running Career:

I have always loved running. 5km here, 6km there, the odd 10 or 21km race. But i never thought about actually putting some real effort into it.
Watching Comrades 2022 on tv, like I've done every year of my life where possible since I can remember, I decided that next year is a good year to do it. Happy birthday to myself! And so an epic journey started when we joined the skillies. Why didn't we do this years ago I keep asking myself on a regular basis.
Comrades was ticked. And so the bug bit, and it got stuck.
I hope to do at least 3 ultras in 2024. Let's see what the year brings! Excitement and hard work awaits!

Anne Morgan


Anne Morgan

My Running Career:

I've been running for years and do it for the love of running. 21km is my distance,  it's far enough😅. 


Brighton Gurupira
Vice Captain

My Running Career:

Where the running craze started
I realized my running passion in 1997, while in primary school. I was mainly involved in track and field events (yeah, that is where I mastered the art of speed).
Fast-forward to 2013, I started long distance running, as a hobby (I did not have any interest in running races). 

Turning Point
In 2018, I was introduced to Parkrun. I met and interacted with competitive/long-distance runners who enticed me to consider running marathons. I still hesitated, and it took me a whole year before I considered running my first 21.
Come 2019, the running bug bit me hard, I found myself at every race event around Pretoria. I have participated in lots and lots of marathons, with no hope of turning back.

Running CV
First 21km - AECI Mielie Run (Welkom, 2019)
First 32km - Sunrise Monster (Pretoria, 2020)
First 42km - Riana Van Niekerk Run for Bibles Marathon (Centurion, 2019)
First 50km - Om Die Dam Ultra Marathon (Harties, 2020)
First 56km - Two Oceans Ultra Marathon (Cape Town, 2022)
First Comrades Marathon 2022


Rinel McLaren
Vice Captain

My Running Career:

I used to be the type of person who swore they'd never take up running. However, at the end of 2018, I decided to participate in a 5km race just because they were giving out free t-shirts. Surprisingly, this is where my passion for running ignited. While my first love is trail running, I never truly appreciated road running until I became a part of the Alpha Centurion Club. Running a road marathon or participating in the Comrades Marathon never even crossed my mind. Nevertheless, with a little encouragement, I managed to complete my first marathon, ultra marathon, and the Comrades in 2023.


Lizette Gordon


My Running Career:

I started running in 2004 and have completed 5 Comrade marathons to date, 

Joined the ACAC family in 2013



Dirk Brink
Club Manager

My Running Career:

My running journey spans over many years. It began at the age of 27 with my first half marathon, a night race. My first marathon was at the age of 29, during the OK race in Sasolburg. At the age of 30 (in 1988), I became a member of the old Verwoerdburg Marathon Club. I qualified in the same year in the OK-Sasolburg marathon, subsequently completing my first Two Oceans 56 and Comrades. After that, I participated in many other marathons and ultras. I had the privilege of receiving 1 silver and 2 Bill Rowan medals in the Comrades. In 2023, I completed my 31st Comrades and achieved 8 permanent numbers in ultras. I also take part in cross-country and trail running

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