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1.1The club is known as ALPHA CENTURION ATHLETICS CLUB, hereafter referred to as ‘ACAC’.

1.2ACAC is a registered Recreational Club as defined in Section 30(1) duly approved by the “Commissioner” and is governed in terms of the prescribed requirements thereof.

1.3ACAC is a non-profit organisation and shall be registered and operated as such in accordance with the provisions of the laws of South Africa, in particular the Income Tax Act and the Companies Act.

1.4Members or Office Bearers do not have rights to property or other assets of ACAC.

1.5The registration number being: NPO 268-580

1.6The club will have its own legal identity and responsibility and will:

1.6.1Exist independently from its Members, Office Bearers and Officials.

1.6.2Be entitled to acquire, encumber, or dispose of movable or immovable property.

1.6.3Incur legal obligations and liabilities independently of its Members, Officials and Office Bearers.

1.6.4Continue to exist even when its membership or office bearers change

1.6.5Not distribute income or property to its members or office bearers, except as reasonable compensation of services rendered.



2.1The preferred method of communication will be email.

2.2The Club may make use of other appropriate avenues of communication.

2.2.1The Newsletter and social media and any other form of communication will be encouraged but will not be considered as official communication.

2.3Relevant communication and documentation will be made available to the broader public and potential future members on the official Club Website.


The objectives of the club are:

3.1To develop and foster the sport of Athletics amongst its members.

3.2To promote athletics in all its disciplines within the limits of the regulations as laid down by ASA and other relevant controlling bodies.

3.3To ensure that no discrimination, either on the grounds of race, language, religion, gender or political view takes place within activities under the club’s control.

3.4To execute other functions towards the advancement of athletics in general, which might be required under certain circumstances.

3.5To acquire and to receive funds in the name of the club and to fulfil duties for the execution of any of the club’s activities.

3.6To make funds available, where deemed appropriate, to fulfil the clubs’ initiative towards social responsibility, community goodwill and donations towards training and promotion of disadvantaged athletes.


To achieve the aforementioned objectives the Club is entitled to:

4.1Acquire suitable facilities and apparatus which are required to promote athletics.

4.2Appoint persons and/or suppliers required for the execution of the club’s objectives in accordance with ACAC Constitution.

4.3Negotiate, finalise contracts and agreements, which might be required to promote athletics activities.

4.4Respond to and investigate any violation/breach of the constitution.

4.5Present colours, trophies, medals and certificates within the framework of prescribed standards which will be adjusted periodically.

4.6Cooperate with other clubs and organisations to promote athletics in Gauteng North and other provinces where mutual benefit to the sport of Athletics can be achieved.

4.7Collect funds and receive donations in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives in accordance with prescriptions laid down by the committee.


5.1ACAC Club colours are red, blue, green and white.

5.2The official ACAC Running apparel is:


Official club vest, T-shirt or Crop-Tops with the Club emblem, a running Tortoise with the Number seven (7) on its chest.


Red shorts, skorts are to be worn over ski-pants should the ski-pants not be red.

5.3No athlete will represent the club unless he/she wears the prescribed attire.

5.4Logos and/or motifs may NOT appear on the official Club colours except as prescribed by ASA and other controlling bodies

5.5Colours and design of other club clothing will be determined by the ACAC Management Committee (i.e. T-shirts, track suits etc. do not require SGM or AGM approval).

5.6     Any changes to the club colours or the logo will require SGM or AGM approval.


6.1Members agree to comply with this Constitution and with the Rules and Regulations of the ACAC, Athletics Gauteng North (AGN) and Athletics South Africa (ASA), inclusive of age category.

6.2Members will sign a Code of conduct yearly with their renewal of membership.

6.3Memberships, with the exception of honorary membership, expires at the end of each calendar year.

6.4If an athlete is or was a member of another athletics club their application for membership must be accompanied by a clearance certificate from their previous club.

6.5The Management Committee may provide membership at no cost or at a reduced rate at its discretion.


7.1Full Membership

7.1.1Any individual, who is a citizen, temporary or permanent resident of the Republic of South Africa and who is domiciled within the official borders of AGN is eligible to be a Member of the ACAC.

7.1.2Full Members are required to be AGN Licenced and wear full club colours as set out in this Constitution when representing ACAC in any AGN or other ASA sanctioned event.

7.2Social Membership

7.2.1Social Members may participate in socials, training activities and make use of the ACAC facilities at races. A Social Member shall not be AGN licensed through the ACAC, neither have voting rights in any of the meetings of the ACAC.

7.3Honorary Membership

7.3.1Honorary Membership is the highest honour that ACAC can bestow on a person in accordance with the SOP on Guidance for Nomination as an Honorary [1] Member.

7.3.2Honorary Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of a Full Member without payment of annual membership fees, excluding AGN license fees.

7.3.3An Honorary Member shall be subject to the Rules, Regulations and the Constitution of ACAC.  The Management Committee reserves the right to terminate the Honorary Membership if the member does not adhere to the constitution, norms and values of ACAC.



8.1Membership Fees associated with an application for membership:

8.2The fee must be paid in advance, annually in full or as per arrangement with the Management Committee on acceptance of such membership.

8.3Membership fees are to be reviewed and fixed at the Annual General meeting.

8.4Any member who fails to pay their membership fee or any other debt to the club within the stipulated period set by the Committee shall be regarded as “not being in good standing” and shall no longer participate as a member of the club until such debt is paid.

8.5Members joining the club during the course of the year shall pay a pro-rata membership as denoted and agreed to at the AGM.



9.1The committee will consist of the following portfolios, which will be the Executive Committee. The balance of the committee will consist of portfolios as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.


9.1.2Vice Chairperson

9.1.3Club Captain



9.2Assignment of additional portfolios for non-executive committee members will be determined at the last Committee meeting in September.



10.1The Chairperson may not serve for a continuous period of more than three years.

10.2He/she may however be re-elected after a period of absence from the position for twelve (12) months.

10.3Should a suitable candidate for chairman not be available a member of the Executive Committee will act as the chairman until a suitable candidate is appointed.  The Executive Committee can sanction such appointment and noted by the members accordingly.

10.4The period of service of other committee members is not restricted.


11.1A committee member has one vote.

11.2The chairperson has the deciding vote in the event of a tie.


12.1Meetings will be held once per month. Meetings may be held more frequently if needed where, when as decided upon by the committee. A minimum of seven (7) days’ notice and an agenda of the meeting must be given to each committee member.

12.2All meetings will be chaired by the chairperson or in their absence, the vice chairperson, or in the absence of both, any member elected by the floor.

12.350% +1 of the management committee must be present to form a quorum for a committee meeting.

12.4Voting to be done by the raising of hands or ballot.


12.5.1To be taken at each meeting and to be circulated within seven (7) days, read and approved at the next meeting.

12.5.2Be stored in the cloud (Google Committee Drive) to be accessible to all committee members.

12.6Any vacancy arising in the committee will be filled by the committee co-opting a member to the vacant position.

12.7Any committee member absent from three (3) consecutive committee meetings without apologies can be removed from the committee.

12.8A member must have been a member of the club for at least six (6) months before being eligible for nomination to the committee.

12.9The committee controls and manages all club finances and will provide an audited statement of income and expenditure together with the chairperson’s annual report at the Annual General Meeting.

12.10The committee controls all club activities but will have the power to set up ad-hoc committees to appoint representatives and delegates. These committees and nominated persons will remain under the jurisdiction of and report to the Executive Committee.



13.1Each nomination must be in writing and be signed by the nominator, the nominee and a second – all must be members.

13.2The nominations will be invalid if incomplete or incorrectly filled in.

13.3In the case of two or more nominations received for a committee position, club members will vote by ballot or show of hands at the AGM.


The committee is the highest authority of the club. Its decision is final. The committee has the power to-

14.1Accept or obtain funds or donations which will be of advantage to the club.

14.2Collect monies that could be necessary, e.g. Membership fees or as the committee approves of.

14.3Listen to differences between members and act as an arbiter.

14.4Delegate its authority with discretion.


15.1Any three (3) members of the Management Committee can form a disciplinary committee.

15.2Should there be a breach of the Code of Conduct[2] the matter is referred to the disciplinary committee for mediation and remedial action.

15.3The person that has allegedly breached the code of conduct will be given an opportunity to present his/her case at the disciplinary committee and submit mitigating circumstances.

15.4The disciplinary committee has the right to reprimand a member, suspend membership temporarily or for life.

15.5The right to appeal will be made available if required.


16.1The Management Committee may establish as needed:

16.1.1Standing Committees

Considered to be one dealing with long-term requirements (E.g. Races and in particular, the Wally Hayward Marathon).

16.1.2Ad-Hoc Committees

Tasked to provide specific services/briefs as needed. Short-term projects.

16.2Voting takes place by raising of hands, except where two (2) or more members request a ballot.

16.3Members will be co-opted, as required, from ACAC members and non-members.

16.4At least two (2) members will form a quorum at ad-hoc committee meetings.



17.1The Wally Hayward Marathon is owned by Alpha Centurion Athletics Club

17.2Reference The Wally Hayward Operating Model, Roles and Responsibilities documents [3] for an in depth procedural overview. 



18.1All club finances are the responsibility of the Executive Committee.

18.2A current and/or savings account will be managed by the treasurer.

18.3A budget will be drawn up, agreed upon and approved at the Management Committee Meeting.

18.4The financial year will be from 1 October to 30 September.

18.5The treasurer and two other members of the executive committee will have authority to process and approve budgeted transactions on behalf of the club within limits as agreed upon at a committee meeting.

18.6The committee must approve all purchases/payments outside of the budget.

18.7Club funds received must be deposited directly into the club’s account and may not be used directly by the receiver.

18.8The club’s annual financial statements, compiled and independently reviewed by an accredited and licenced Chartered or Professional Accountant, must be presented at the AGM.



19.1The club committee may recommend certain positions as remunerated positions based on the financial position of the club for the previous year and the following financial year.

19.2Remunerated positions will only be considered if services rendered and time spent are deemed excessive.

19.3Once the club committee has identified a remunerated position, a formal recruitment process will be followed.  The term of office will be for a period of 3 years.


20.1Honorariums recommended are considered and approved at the AGM.



21.1.1The annual general meeting of all members is held each October and will be known as the Annual General Meeting.

21.1.2Members are to be given 14 days notice in writing of the AGM.  The notice will include the previous AGM minutes and proposed changes to the Constitution if any.

21.1.3A quorum consists of 20% of its fully paid up members present on the proviso that conditions of paragraph 21.1.2have been met.

21.1.4The secretary will send out the Agenda, which includes a list of club committee nominations and proposed honorary membership nominations at least 7 days before the AGM.

21.1.5Email and notices on the club notice board will constitute the written notifications referred to above (Notifications will not have to be posted).


21.2.1A special general meeting may be called by the committee at their own initiative or at the written request of 50% plus 1 of the adult members (members over 18)

21.2.2All members to be given 14 days notice in writing of the SGM.  The notice will include the previous SGM minutes and proposed changes to the Constitution if any.

21.2.3A quorum for the SGM will consist of 20% of its fully paid up members present on the proviso that conditions of paragraph 21.2.2 have been met.

21.2.4Email and notices on the club notice board will constitute the written notifications referred to above (Notifications will not have to be posted)


22.1All full members over the age of 18 will have voting rights.

22.2Each member has only one vote.

22.3Voting will take place by in person votes or by proxy.  Proxy votes will be allowed under the condition that the proxy form is completed and submitted 7 days prior to the AGM.

22.4No proxy may represent more than 3 people.


23.1The decision of the committee with respect to the meaning, interpretation and application of any of the clauses of this constitution is binding and is so noted.


24.1The constitution may only be changed at an AGM/SGM .

24.2Written notice and summation of proposed changes is required at least 14 days prior to the event.

24.3Amendments must be approved by at least 75% of the members present provided the quorum is met at the AGM/SGM.



25.1In the event that the club ceases to function in terms of the objectives of the constitution, the club can be dissolved at a special general meeting by a majority vote of those members present. Assets remaining after its liabilities have been met, are to be distributed amongst organisations for the benefit of athletics.


[1] Annexure A:          Honorary Membership

[2] Annexure B:  Code of Conduct

[3] Annexure C:  The Wally Hayward Marathon Operating Model 

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