Member Info Brochure

Our Information brochure contains all the information needed to make you part of the Alpha Centurion Running and Walking family for 2019. Please download a copy. 

Time Trials

Time trials are held at the ACRW Club House, Edinburgh Street, Clubview every Wednesday.During the summer months, (1 October to 31 March) time trials commence at 18h00, while during the winter months, the starting time is 17h30. (1 April to 30 September) You can choose between distances of 2, 4, 6 and 8km and you can run or walk.Members are encouraged to stay on after the time trials for a chat over a beer or a cool drink.On the last Wednesday of the month after time trials we have a social evening for the whole family. In summer this is normally a braai and in winter it could be a stir-fry or soup and buns. Suggestions are gladly accepted.Members are encouraged to participate in the time trials and to run at the official time trial times. Only the official time trial results are taken into account for any awards that may be presented.

Weekday Morning Sessions

Weekday morning runs - Start from the clubhouse at EXACTLY 5am on weekdays . Arrive at 4:45 – 4:50 to allow yourself enough time to park and get ready. The gate will be locked at 4:55 and people arriving late will have to park outside. 

A few general guidelines for the weekday runs:

  • Arrive at 4:45 – 4:50 to allow yourself enough time to park and get ready. The gate will be locked at 4:55 and people arriving late will have to park outside.· All levels of runners will be accommodated.

  • The program is based on the Bronze medal program developed by LINDSEY PARRY Official coach of the Comrades Marathon Association and adjusted by Jorrie Jordaan, to suite our needs.

  • This is a ‘time-based’ program, not a km based one, so in the time allocated for the session some runners might do more km’s than others. People of more experience and greater running ability will get relatively more out of the programme and progress faster.

  • Time based programmes also prevent you from settling on a route that you need to run faster every time you run that particular route. It is easier to maintain discipline and run easy on easy days.

  • The times and the running pace below is based on a Half Marathon time of around 2hrs or a Marathon in under 4hrs30.

Weekend Sessions

Saturday Club Runs - take place on most Saturday mornings and will be arranged and announced at the time trials. They are usually done at a slow pace over 10 to 25 KM.Please watch the Blitz Flits for times and details of these runs.

Hippo Run

Hippo Run – takes place on Monday evenings, the maximum distance varies between 10km and 16km – but shorter distances can also be done. This starts from the club house at 17h30. The route includes a hill up Hippo Road in the 2nd km - which is where the name of the training run comes from.

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