Membership 2020

New Members

New Members

​Congratulations on wanting to become a member of ACRW in 2020. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Firstly, register on the ASA website. The complete instruction document from Athletics Gauteng North on how to register on the ASA (Athletics SA) can be found below.

  • Secondly, complete the ASA 2020 Licensing Form, save it, print it out and sign it. (We will only register a member who does not have access to the internet. Please note that internet facilities are available at the club, to register on ASA. 

  • Lastly, print, complete and sign the 2020 ACRW Membership form. (Prices and banking details are below.)
    You can pay cash at the club or do an EFT payment and bring us the proof of payment.

Bring all your documents to any ACRW Time Trail or scan and mail it to us. If you did register on ASA, bring a copy of your license application form, ACRW membership form and proof of payment with you to any ACRW time trial, on any Wednesday evening. (Alternatively, you can scan and send this document to  

Current Members

Firstly, update your info on the ASA (Athletics SA) website if anything has changed.

Secondly, come to the clubhouse and sign your 2020 ACRW membership application form should you wish to keep your 2019 number again. You will be notified when the 2020 license numbers are available. (Indications are that it will only be available towards the middle or the end of January.) You can then come and collect your license number and membership goody bag. Bring cash to pay, OR your proof of payment, if you did an EFT.

All members, you are more than welcome to make your payments from now, but you will only get all your goodies when the license numbers are available. Your 2019 license number will be valid until 29 February 2020.

ASA License Number

For races 5km and more (fun runs are up to 4,9km) you need to obtain a provincial license (Athletics Gauteng North) from the club, which is valid for a year. The alternative is to buy a temporary license at each race, which will be valid for that race only.You are advised not to buy a license from the club if you will not be turning 15 years of age in the current year. The minimum age for participation in a 5km race (5km races are extremely rare) is 9 years i.e. turning 9 not later than 31 Dec of the current year, and for 10km the minimum age is 15. Club membership and license fees must be paid before a license will be issued.The licenses must be affixed to the front and back of your running vest or RunningT.

Membership Fees

The membership fees for 2020, as determined at the Annual General Meeting held in October 2019, are as follows:

Club Colours

If you are going to run/walk races 5km and more you will need to obtain club colours.The club has a stock of running vests and RunningT’s for both male and female runners. ACRW colours will include red, blue, and green and white on the vest, official ACRW RunningT, with red shorts and optional ski-pants (must be red if no shorts are worn). These are also available from the club. Alternatively, they can be purchased from any running shop. 
Various other club clothing items are available at the Clubhouse. These include:

*Price may vary without prior notice due to supplier price hikes, etc.

Category Tags

To qualify for a category prize you must be wearing age category tags for your age group on the front and back of your vest. If you are not wearing these tags you are automatically entered into the senior age category (see “Age categories” on the next page). These tags can be bought at the club for a nominal amount. (see price list above)

Name Tags

These are optional and can be ordered from the Admin Officer. The cost is R25.00 per nametag. Members are encouraged to acquire such a name tag, which will make it easier to get to know each other at the races.

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